Preacher Man reflekterar

Finding the First

I have spent most of the weekend March 16-18 in Malmö, Sweden. The yearly conference Piomjär 07 had gathered about 120, mostly young people. At the friday night service many of them responded to an altar call, saying yes to God, and yes to the call to be a church planter.
I belive the hardest part is to find the first; the first pioneer family, the first team members, the first home to open for a cell group, the first public meeting. In my experience that is what you need to giva attention to. And that is why I came back from the conference encouraged. There were significant enough numbers of pioneers there to see quite a number of new churches planted.
I think the greatest need today is to plant a new kind of churches for a new kind of society, the post christian Sweden and western Europe. And we need to find those who are ready to become the first seed.